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Charme & relax® is the most important Italian Group of Charming Hotels, guaranteed for they professionalism quality of services, hospitality, enchanting locations, quietness. On holidays or for a weekend, on a business trip or simply on a one-night-stay, the warm welcoming and the Hospitality, which are typical values of the Italian tradition and culture, are the essential features of our Group.

At the seaside or on a lake, in the mountains or in the countryside, in the city or in a thermal resort, all the Charme & relax® Houses are oasis of peace, tranquillity and charm. Castles, ancient villas, abbeys, monasteries, chalets, ancient Hotel dwellings, high quality country houses, elegant and quiet city Hotels: all of them are spectacular examples of the Historical, cultural and traditional heritage which has been preserved from the flattering caused by the globalization and which is today more and more beloved by a restricted elite of Guests.

Quality, charm and quietness, coupled with a prestigious image and communication, are certainly the main ingredients of the success of Charme & relax®. But the feather in our cap is the essential philosophy of "The typical hospitality of the tradition and of the culture linked to the territory": that is to say, a friendly, familiar hospitality, warm but at the same time discrete, polite and highly professional, able to express those important values deeply rooted and cultivated during the thousand-year-history of the Italian culture.

This hospitality is more and more appreciated and requested and it is concretely shown through the quality , variety and peculiarity of the Cuisine, through the Charm of our Hotels, through the beauty , the history and uniqueness of our territories. This is a Way of Being enchanted, fondled, cuddled and fascinated as only che Charme & relax® Guests can Tell.

All well-developed nations the world over have a trade mark which unites and represents the country's most charming, little, first class hotels. In Italy, for the last 20 years, this has been the role of Charme & relax®, whose trade mark distinguishes small, charming, indipendent hotels, all selected for their special appeal, quality of service and pleasant surroundings, and all sharing the same distinguishing feature: the warm, friendly hospitality typical of Italian tradition at its best.

The invitation to use the services offered by our site to find the hotel that best meets its requirements for a stay of his next Charme & relax®.

Italo Callegari
Founder of Charme & relax®


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