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Orvieto: discovering the subterranean city

Posted on 04-04-2013

They offer a suggestive and fascinating view of the ancient story that characterizes this city of Umbria. And this is one of the historical and cultural attractions that you cannot miss during a weekend in the province of Terni. We’re talking about the Orvieto subterranean city.

The discovery of the Orvieto subterranean city started in the Seventies: a group of speleologists of Orvieto began to explore the intricate complex of tunnels and galleries in the subsoil of this city of Umbria. And they discovered an incomparable historic treasure.

The construction of Orvieto subterranean city dates back to ancient times. And in the subsoil of the city was discovered a series of cisterns: they were built from the Etruscan period (V Century BC) to the Middle Ages. The larger cisterns were built during the Renaissance.

The things to see in the city of Orvieto

Posted on 03-14-2013

During a weekend in the province of Terni, there is one thing that you must do: visiting Orvieto. There are a lot of things to see in this picturesque and ancient city of Etruscan origin.

One of these attractions is the Cathedral of Orvieto. It is a great masterpiece of the Gothic architecture in Italy: its majestic facade is the most beautiful part of the building, and inside the Cathedral are preserved invaluable works of art, such as the Reliquiario del Corporale and frescos by Luca Signorelli.

Among the things to see in the city of Orvieto there is a series of fascinating palaces. Such as the so-called Palazzi dei Papi (“Palaces of the Popes”): they are 13th Century dwellings dedicated to Urbano IV, Martino IV, Bonifacio VIII. In particular, the palace of Bonifacio VIII houses the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo (“Museum of the Work of the Cathedral”).