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The castles to see in the province of Padua

Posted on 04-03-2013

If you love the romantic places, and especially the castles, Padua is the ideal city where you can spend a suggestive weekend. Visiting the castles, the mansions and the manor houses that embellish this Italian province.

This little itinerary with the castles to see near Padua starts with the Castello di San Pelagio (“Saint Pelagio Castle”): built in 1300, it was a fortress originally, transformed in a manor house during the further centuries, and acquiring its characterizing imposing appearance. The Castello di San Pelagio houses the Museo dell’Aria (“Museum of the Air”), with documents and heirlooms of the Gabriele D’Annunzio’s flight on Vienna.

Montegrotto Terme: spending a wellness day in this place

Posted on 02-25-2013

Booking a hotel in the province of Padua is the first step if you want to spend a wellness day in Montegrotto Terme. This is an ideal place, firstly for its location: Montegrotto is in the middle of the Colli Euganei, a luxuriant natural park that promises a relaxing and calm holiday, away from the stress of the everyday life.

This wellness day in Montegrotto Terme can’t exclude one important thing: to choose the best hotel facilities of the zone. The hotel must be elegant and refined, almost in harmony with the surrounding nature, and the personnel must be competent and qualified.