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Culinary delicacies of sea and mountain: the Italian cooking of Ischia

Posted on 07-09-2012

The Italian cooking of Ischia is a union: between sea and mountains, including game, fish and seafood, and various kinds of vegetables prepared in imaginative ways. Typical dishes that you must absolutely taste during a vacation in this island in the province of Naples.

As already mentioned, in the Italian cooking of Ischia vegetables have a place of honor. One of the most famous recipe is the minestra maritata (literally “married soup”): it is a dish prepared with seven different types of green leafy vegetables (including broccoli of Naples, cabbage and the so-called torzelle), cooked in a broth of meat (bone, chicken and pork), eaten with toasted bread. Made with vegetables is also the cianfotta: potatoes, eggplant, zucchini and peppers sautéed with some tomatoes.