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The Plan de Corones: skiing in Brunico

Posted in Events, Arts and Culture on 11-15-2012

Skiing in Brunico: you can do it on the famous ski district of the Plan de Corones. With its 116 km of ski slopes and 32 ski lifts. With specific slopes both for experts, beginners and even children, who will start loving this sport. In short: for lovers of winter sports this is an ideal destination to spend a weekend in the province of Bolzano.

In the locality of Brunico there are three cableways. One of this is specific for children and beginners: with it they can reach the less difficult ski slopes, where they can ski easily.

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The Lys Valley, near Gressoney-La-Trinité

Posted in Ideas for a weekend on 09-20-2012

The spectacle of the mountains silhouetted against the sky or the picturesque mountain towns. Or again, the refuges and the possibility to take walks in the nature. The Valley of the Lys, near Gressoney-La-Trinité, in the Aosta Valley, has it all.

First, in the Lys Valley there is a strong Walser tradition: this is a population of Germanic origin who settled in the valley in medieval times. The Walser have maintained their traditions, including the typical way of building woody houses with sloping roof. And this characteristic gives the towns of the valley (including the locality of Gressoney-La-Trinité) their characteristic appearance.

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The places to visit in Pescasseroli

Posted in Ideas for a weekend on 07-30-2012

Pescasseroli, in the province of L’Aquila, is the birthplace of the philosopher Benedetto Croce. And, perhaps because of it, the places to visit in this locality are primarily cultural attractions. But with a series of surprises that will certainly impress the visitor.

So, the first place to visit in Pescasseroli is Palazzo Sipari: Benedetto Croce was born in this ancient palace. The building, with its sober and austere facade, was built in the Nineteenth Century, and inside of it there is a roof garden perfectly kept. Moreover, the halls of this building of Pescasseroli house permanently the Museum of Natural Sciences and Folklore.

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Culinary delicacies of sea and mountain: the Italian cooking of Ischia

Posted in Wine and food Italy on 07-09-2012

The Italian cooking of Ischia is a union: between sea and mountains, including game, fish and seafood, and various kinds of vegetables prepared in imaginative ways. Typical dishes that you must absolutely taste during a vacation in this island in the province of Naples.

As already mentioned, in the Italian cooking of Ischia vegetables have a place of honor. One of the most famous recipe is the minestra maritata (literally “married soup”): it is a dish prepared with seven different types of green leafy vegetables (including broccoli of Naples, cabbage and the so-called torzelle), cooked in a broth of meat (bone, chicken and pork), eaten with toasted bread. Made with vegetables is also the cianfotta: potatoes, eggplant, zucchini and peppers sautéed with some tomatoes.

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Cefalù: the castle on the Rocca and the famous temple of Diana

Posted in Ideas for a weekend on 06-21-2012

The castle ruins, the temple of Diana, the crenellated walls: these are the three things that the Rocca of Cefalù, near Palermo, reserves for its viewers. With its 268 meters above sea level, this place is not only a beautiful scenery but also a valuable testimony of the history and the culture of this city.

On top of the Rocca, there are the remains of the castle of Cefalù: dating to the Thirteenth-Fourteenth Century, the remains of the castle allow us to draw the floor plan of a building consisting of two towers and a central body composed of twelve rooms.

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