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Montegrotto Terme: spending a wellness day in this place

Posted in Weekend wellness on 02-25-2013

Booking a hotel in the province of Padua is the first step if you want to spend a wellness day in Montegrotto Terme. This is an ideal place, firstly for its location: Montegrotto is in the middle of the Colli Euganei, a luxuriant natural park that promises a relaxing and calm holiday, away from the stress of the everyday life.

This wellness day in Montegrotto Terme can’t exclude one important thing: to choose the best hotel facilities of the zone. The hotel must be elegant and refined, almost in harmony with the surrounding nature, and the personnel must be competent and qualified.

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The places to see with children in the city of Genoa

Posted in Weekend with family on 02-11-2013

You are spending a weekend in Genoa with the whole family. And you’re looking for things to see with children in the city of Lanterna. The first place that you have to visit is the famous Aquarium of Genoa: it’s the biggest and the more important in Italy, and in its 39 thematic tanks are preserved sharks and penguins, turtles, dolphins and other animal species.

The city of the Lanterna is built in a peculiar zone, between the Apennines mountains and the Ligurian Sea. For this reason, in the city there are several panoramic viewpoints. One of these is the spianata Castelletto (“Castelletto esplanade”), one of the places to see in Genoa you’re your children. Here the kids can quietly play under the trees. In addition there is a elevator that reaches the esplanade.

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The walks for families in the valley of Gressoney

Posted in Weekend with family on 02-07-2013

Booking a hotel in Aosta is a good opportunity if you want to spend a pleasant holiday with the whole family. A place where you can dedicate your time to outdoor activities, immersed in the nature of this region. Particularly in the Valley of Gressoney, with its walks for families.

The first of these walks for families in the Gressoney Valley is the Passeggiata della Regina (“Walk of the Queen”), a very easy path from Saint-Jean to Castel Savoia, through forests, little waterfalls and shady grasslands. Another one is the so-called Anello Walser (“The Walser Loop”), from Gressoney-Saint-Jean to Gressoney-La-Trinité, with the typical Walser houses.

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Altomonte: spending the Valentine’s Day in the province of Cosenza

Posted in Ideas for a weekend on 02-04-2013

If you are going to spend your Valentine’s Day in the province of Cosenza, you can choose one of the most beautiful village in Italy, that dates back to Middle Ages and it’s surrounded by an enchanted atmosphere. We’re talking about Altomonte. And ideal place for a weekend in the province of Cosenza.

In the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Altomonte combines the beauty of the neighboring landscape with the ancient atmosphere of its streets and little squares. In fact this locality is a Medieval village, one of the most important in Calabria, with its alleys of stone and the Gothic architecture. A place with a lot of monuments and things to see.

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A visit to the medieval village of Morimondo

Posted in Ideas for a weekend on 11-22-2012

To spend a weekend in the city of Milan is the good occasion to visit one of the many medieval villages that constellate the province of this great metropolis. And one of this town is the medieval village of Morimondo.

The name of this town derives from the Cistercian monks who came here in 1134 from the village of Morimond, in the French region of Burgundy. And in 1182 began the construction of the Abbey church of the medieval village of Morimondo: completed in 114 years of work, it is an imposing 60-meters-long and 13-wide building, divided into three naves, in Gothic-Burgundian style.

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