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The Silent Bay of Sestri Levante

Baia del Silenzio

Pastel-colored houses and an impressive, suggestive seaside. A small glimpse totally immersed in an atmosphere of calm and relaxation, as the name suggests. It is the Silent Bay. A small, cozy and sheltered corner that opens into the coast of Sestri Levante, near Genoa.

The first striking characteristic of the Silent Bay of Sestri Levante is its shape: it is an almost perfect crescent, surrounded by the typical landscape of the Cinque Terre in Liguria, with mountains that reach to the coast.

Secondly, and thanks to its form that protects the bay both from the ocean currents and the wind, the sea waters of this place is very calm and transparent. Moreover, the seabed is shallow, and this feature makes the Silent Bay also suitable for those who wish to visit this locality with the children and the whole family.

Finally, to make even more spectacular the view of the Silent Bay in Sestri Levante, also contribute the buildings that are located around the crescent: they are small and pastel-colored houses, and near them there are the oldest and most picturesque houses of the fishermen of the area.


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