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Milan Carnival 2017: The Ambrosian Carnival

Milan Ambrosian Carnival 2017

Milan is preparing to celebrate the Carnival 2017, full of fun, initiatives and entertainment as always. This year Carnevale di Milano will be celebrated on 4 March 2017. Even the 42th edition will enhance the old town centre of the city and the neighboring streets with performances and parades. The city in these days of celebration, in fact, merits a visit and shows the best of its multi-ethnic aspect, and its squares and streets are decorated for the occasion.
In Milan the Carnival doesn’t end on Tuesday but on the following Saturday: as the tradition narrates, St. Ambrose, the patron of Milan, made a pilgrimage and asked the people of Milan to wait for his return to begin the Lenten liturgies.
The protagonist of the Milan Carnival 2017 is, as always, the mask of Meneghino, a playful servant mocking the shortcomings of the nobles. He was chosen by the citizens as a symbol of heroism in 1848 during the Five Days of Milan.
The Milan Carnival 2017 is a very special event, a good opportunity to discover the ancient traditions of this metropolis and to visit the city in all its beauty.
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Milan Ambrosian Carnival

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