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My Festival 2013: Patti Smith at Rome Auditorium


A weekend in the city of Rome is warmly recommended for all the music lovers. Especially from April 9 to 25, 2013. In fact in this period will take place the events of the My festival by Patti Smith, in the Rome Auditorium.

The first day of My festival is April 9. And the festival will start with a tribute to Patti Smith: the showing of the video Dream of life, a short film dedicated to the life, the songs and the career of Patti Smith. The next day, April 10, will take place the exhibition of Pierpaolo Capovilla.

Another show set on April 10 is The Smith family: Patti Smith will exhibit with Jackson and Jesse Smith. The last concert of this day will be the Viaggio di Ulisse (“The journey of Ulysses”) by the Italian composer Nicola Piovani.

On April 12 John Grant will present his new album, Pale green ghosts. Still on April 12 will exhibit Meshell Ndegeocello with her new project A dedication to Nina Simone.

And these are the other events of My festival 2013 of Patti Smith at Rome Auditorium: Omaggio a Ginsberg (“Tribute to Ginsberg”), on April 13; Horses by Patti Smith and her band, on April 14; David Riondino in Pinocchio di sabbia (“Sand Pinocchio”), on April 18; Come in cielo così in guerra (“On war and in its heaven”) by Cristiano De Andrè, on April 25.

For more information about My festival by Patti Smith in the Rome Auditorium, visit the official website


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