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Calabria: Tropea and the Coast of the Gods

Published in Ideas for a weekend, Weekend with family on 04-17-2018

Famous for its beaches and seas, the Costa degli Dei in Calabria is a unique coastline extending over 40 km. From the white sands of Nicotera to the granite rocks of Joppolo and Coccorino, the long and wide beaches of Briatico and Parghelia and the unique beauty and history of Tropea

Florence itinerary on what to see in 2 days

Things to see in Florence

The things to see in Florence during a weekend are so many: the Tuscan regional capital is one of the most beautiful cities not only in Italy but in the whole world, and it boasts inestimable masterpieces and famous monuments. But we have to make suggestions: there are attractions that you should visit obligatorily

Cinque Terre National Park: trekking and excursions

Published in Ideas for a weekend, Weekend with family on 07-18-2017

Cinque Terre

Paths overlooking the Ligurian Sea or routes that meander in the hinterland of this region. These are the trails and the trekking possibilities that offers the area of the Cinque Terre park, in the province of La Spezia

The Silent Bay of Sestri Levante

Published in Ideas for a weekend, Weekend with family on 03-22-2017

Baia del Silenzio

Pastel-colored houses and an impressive, suggestive seaside. A small glimpse totally immersed in an atmosphere of calm and relaxation, as the name suggests. It is the Silent Bay. A small, cozy and sheltered corner that opens into the coast of Sestri Levante

Gubbio: the things to see


If you are spending a weekend in Umbria, you have the possibility to visit one of the most fascinating city of the Italy, with a lot of historical attractions and things to see. Gubbio: we’re talking about this ancient, Medieval town.
Among the things to see in Gubbio, the first is its old town centre: here you can completely live the Medieval atmosphere that characterizes this city

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