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The Silent Bay of Sestri Levante

Published in Ideas for a weekend, Weekend with family on 03-22-2017

Baia del Silenzio

Pastel-colored houses and an impressive, suggestive seaside. A small glimpse totally immersed in an atmosphere of calm and relaxation, as the name suggests. It is the Silent Bay. A small, cozy and sheltered corner that opens into the coast of Sestri Levante

Gubbio: the things to see


If you are spending a weekend in Umbria, you have the possibility to visit one of the most fascinating city of the Italy, with a lot of historical attractions and things to see. Gubbio: we’re talking about this ancient, Medieval town.
Among the things to see in Gubbio, the first is its old town centre: here you can completely live the Medieval atmosphere that characterizes this city

Milan Carnival 2017: The Ambrosian Carnival

Milan Ambrosian Carnival 2017

Milan is preparing to celebrate the Carnival 2017, full of fun, initiatives and entertainment as always. This year Carnevale di Milano will be celebrated on 4 March 2017. Even the 42th edition will enhance the old town centre of the city and the neighboring streets with performances and parades. The city in these days of celebration, in fact, merits a visit and shows the best of its multi-ethnic aspect, and its squares and streets are decorated for the occasion.

Skiing at La Thuile

Published in Ideas for a weekend, Weekend with family on 02-03-2017

Skiing at La Thuile
It is located in one of the best skiing district of the Alps, the Espace San Bernardo. An ideal place to enjoy a weekend in Aosta Valley. We are talking about the locality of La Thuile. And especially about its ski slopes and trails, renewed all over the Europe.

Venice Carnival 2017 – The Program

Venice Carnival 2017The main theme of the Venice Carnival 2017 will be Creatum. The edition of this year has a rich program, with a lot of events that will animate the streets and the canals of the Serenissima, from February 11 to 28. A special appointment to live during a weekend in Venice.

One of the most important events of the Venice Carnival 2017 will start on February 18. This is the first day of the contest La maschera più bella (“The best mask”). And at 2.30 pm will take place the Festa delle Marie, a parade of twelve Venetian women with ancient costumes.

Another awaited moment of the Venice Carnival 2017 is the Volo dell’angelo (“Flight of the angel”): on February 19 in Piazza San Marco at twelve o’clock, a guest star will fly from the top of the bell tower of the Basilica to the centre of the square.

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