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Florence Design Week 2013: style and innovation

Posted in Events, Arts and Culture on 04-11-2013

The Florence Design Week 2013 is an unmissable event for all the lovers of style, design and innovation. The presentation evet of the kermis will take place in Palazzo Madici Riccardi, in Florence.

The Florence Design Week 2013 will take place from May 20 to 26, in various places and locations in the city of Florence. The cradle of the Renaissance art has suggestive sceneries, ideal for installations, expositions and for the events of the most important international architects and design gurus.

The works of art on display are divided in seven thematic areas, such as outdoor design, design for children and luxury design. And the exhibitors are divided in six categories: visual design, industrial design, architecture, fashion design, food and music design.

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Tuscan wine tours: Vini della Costa Toscana 2013


If you want to experience Tuscan wine tours, here we have the event for you. It’s Vini della Costa Toscana 2013, that will take place in Real Collegio, near the city of Lucca, from May 4 to 6. An appointment for all the lovers of the good wine, with tasting and laboratories, meetings and exhibition with the product of the eighty best Tuscany winemakers.

During Vini della Costa Toscana 2013, in addition to tasting sparkling and vintage wine, will take place the show cooking: meeting with international and well-known chefs who will prepare their recipes, and will suggest the most appropriate wine.

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The 2013 edition of the Turin International Book Fair

Posted in Events, Arts and Culture on 04-10-2013

The Turin International Book Fair 2013 is an appointment that you cannot miss if you are a lover of books and literature. The main theme of this year edition is the creativity. A word, a concept chosen due to its meaning: to create new things, to innovate, to have a different approach to the new things and events. An approach that concerns various fields and areas of interest: especially the language, and the commercial and communication strategies of the publishing.

The inspiration for the Turin International Book Fair 2013 derives from the book Grammatica della fantasia (“The Grammar of Fantasy”) by the Italian writer Gianni Rodari: this book is the starting point to create new languages. And during the Turin Book Fair the laboratories and workshop have the purpose to stimulate the research of new communication forms.

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Naples Rock Festival 2013 meets Giffoni Film Festival


The Naples Rock Festival is the most important rock event in the South Italy. The 2013 edition of this festival will take place in Giffoni Valle Piana (in the province of Salerno), from July 18 to 28. And the Naples Rock Festival 2013 and 2014 editions will take place at the same time of the Giffoni Film Festival.

During the last year edition of the Naples Rock Festival (the first edition set in Giffoni Valle Piana) national and international artists performed. The 2012 edition was inaugurated by the performance of the Italian singer and guitar player Pino Daniele, with his atmosphere influenced by the color and the culture of Naples. Another important artist who played her songs during the 2012 edition of the Naples Rock Festival is Patti Smith, a real “guru of rock”: an unforgettable performance for the lovers of rock.

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Gradara Castle, Italy: a travel through the story

Posted in Ideas for a weekend on 04-08-2013

The Gradara Castle in Italy is one of the most interesting attractions to see and discover in the territory between Emilia Romagna and Marches, and precisely if you are spending a weekend in the province of Pesaro e Urbino. This suggestive castle was built between Thirteenth and Fourteenth Century by the De Grifo family. Then the Malatesta family became the owner of the castle, and they built the fortifications and the surrounding wall.

The Gradara Castle in Italy is a very famous place. And there is a special reason: in fact in the halls of this castle took place the story of Paolo and Francesca, the two lovers, a story narrated by Dante in his poem Inferno.

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The Wax Museum of San Marino

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The little republic of San Marino is a very interesting place to visit. Even if it’s small, there a lot of attractions and monuments, palaces and museums to see. In particular, the Wax Museum is one of the main attraction in San Marino.

In the collection of the San Marino Wax Museum there are about one hundred wax statues, and about forty historical scenes. The exposition is well-finished in every particular, and the statues represent the most important Italian and international historical personalities. Such as Giuseppe Garibaldi and his wife Anita, Napoleon, Dante, Beatrice and Abraham Lincoln.

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Villa Balbianello, Lake Como

Posted in Ideas for a weekend on 04-05-2013

A unique place, with its barefaced and incomparable beauty: Villa Balbianello on the Como Lake is an attraction that you cannot miss if you are spending a holiday in this Italian region. The mansion was built in the Seventeenth Century, on the Dosso di Levedo, a little promontory on the Como Lake. And this position gives the Villa an unusual charm.

The garden of the Villa Balbianello is very particular: due to the peculiar conformation of the place, the promontory wasn’t suitable for an Italian garden; and so, the Villa Balbianello was built to valorize the lake and the landscape, and it offers unforgettable views in the Como Lake.

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Pistoia, Tuscany: the Pinocchio Park

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This theme park is an attraction that you cannot miss if you are spending a weekend in Pistoia with the whole family. With its attractions and things to see, the Pinocchio Park in Tuscany is an ideal place where you can spend a day with the children.

In this place you and your children can walk, play and relax. In a park where the nature, the art and the architectures will make you live the adventures of the character created by the genius of Carlo Collodi. In the Pinocchio Park, the children will discover one of the most famous Italian books in the world. While the adults will remember their early years.

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Orvieto: discovering the subterranean city

Posted in Ideas for a weekend on 04-04-2013

They offer a suggestive and fascinating view of the ancient story that characterizes this city of Umbria. And this is one of the historical and cultural attractions that you cannot miss during a weekend in the province of Terni. We’re talking about the Orvieto subterranean city.

The discovery of the Orvieto subterranean city started in the Seventies: a group of speleologists of Orvieto began to explore the intricate complex of tunnels and galleries in the subsoil of this city of Umbria. And they discovered an incomparable historic treasure.

The construction of Orvieto subterranean city dates back to ancient times. And in the subsoil of the city was discovered a series of cisterns: they were built from the Etruscan period (V Century BC) to the Middle Ages. The larger cisterns were built during the Renaissance.

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The castles to see in the province of Padua

Posted in Ideas for a weekend on 04-03-2013

If you love the romantic places, and especially the castles, Padua is the ideal city where you can spend a suggestive weekend. Visiting the castles, the mansions and the manor houses that embellish this Italian province.

This little itinerary with the castles to see near Padua starts with the Castello di San Pelagio (“Saint Pelagio Castle”): built in 1300, it was a fortress originally, transformed in a manor house during the further centuries, and acquiring its characterizing imposing appearance. The Castello di San Pelagio houses the Museo dell’Aria (“Museum of the Air”), with documents and heirlooms of the Gabriele D’Annunzio’s flight on Vienna.

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