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Italo Callegari
Charme & relax® was founded in 1994 and operates with the aim of promoting its Houses totally respecting their individuality and uniqueness; the Group promotes small Houses of particular quality and charm, granting the increase of their prestige, image, profitability and corporate value, thanks to a clear and prestigious Brand policy.

The success of Charme & relax certainly comes from the quality, quietness and charm of its Houses; but all this would not be sufficient without a serious and valid organisation at the base, which selects these Houses, units them under a well-known Brand and strategically operates on the market to render this Brand famous and prestigious.

The Directive Board of Charme & relax® assesses every year several tens of applications of Hotels and Restaurants which ask to become part of the Group. The candidates potentially considered as suitable are then visited by the members of the Charme & relax® staff to directly verify that the distinguishing features of the House and the available facilities are in harmony with the Philosophy of the Group.

In order to submit one’s application, a written request has to be sent via e-mail to, complete with the technical sheet of the House, the price list and some brief information concerning the House’s philosophy.


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